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Jim’s Blog

Meet Jim Moriarty. Surfrider Foundation’s CEO.

We lived in a few different places when I was a kid but every summer we’d end up on the beaches of the Northeast. Our typical destinations were Westerly, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.

If you don’t live at the beach there is something very special about going there, especially as a kid. It’s a whole different world. The air is different, the food is different… everything is different. Every summer our family of seven (not including the dog!) would pile into the car and head to the beach for a few weeks. When I think back to those times I’m reminded that we never did anything extraordinary… it was the simple, ordinary elements of spending time near the ocean that we all loved. Those early experiences helped frame my love of the coasts.

The common thread through everything I’ve done since then point to the power a big idea can have in changing the world and the unique contribution an individual’s actions can have.

Before coming here, I spent the better part of twenty years in software. Software, at its essence, is about an idea. Surfrider is also, at its core, an idea. It’s the idea that waves and beaches should be accessible and the water should be clean. It’s about the importance of having people act to protect those things. Coming here was about connecting my professional life back to that simple love I’ve had for the coast since I was a kid.  When I think about Surfrider I think about those two things; love and action. No matter who I’m talking to I find myself saying this same thing, seek to understand the things you love and then act to engage, promote and protect those things.

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