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Tell the EPA to Reduce Power Plant Harms on the Coast

Please join Surfrider Foundation and numerous other organizations in telling EPA to fully enforce the Clean Water Act by telling the electric generating industry to update their antiquated power plants with technology that re-circulates cooling water and eliminates the unnecessary death of our precious marine life.

Follow this link to sign a letter:

No Hydrofracking

On July 24 the Surfrider Foundation NYC Chapter and Patagonia New York SoHo teamed up to present the 2010 documentary GASLAND at the Ace Hotel.

GASLAND: When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for natural gas drilling, he embarks on a cross-country journey uncovering a trail of secrets, deceit and contamination. Part travelogue, part exposé and part mystery, GASLAND delves into just how unsafe hydraulic fracturing is.

The evening included a letter-writing campaign asking Governor Cuomo to support a continuation of the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for the entirety of New York State

Weren’t able to attend? No Problem. Copy, sign and send the letter below:


The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo                                                                                    Governor of New York State                                                                                                         NYS State Capitol Building                                                                                                          Albany, NY 12224

Re: NO Hydrofracking

Dear Governor Cuomo,

In light of the release of proposed regulatory revisions by the D.E.C., as well as a series of recent articles in the New York Times highlighting internal conflict and potential fraud in the hydrofracking industry, I implore you to stand up in support of a total ban on high-volume hydraulic fracturing in all of New York State.

The D.E.C.’s regulatory revisions are fatally flawed – allowing for fracking in 85% of the state’s Marcellus shale formations, and failing to offer protections for the Delaware River Basin.

The dangers of hydraulic fracturing have been well documented and demonstrated.  We have seen the hazards and consequences of this destructive practice in areas where it has been done. Despite the claims of the gas companies, hydrofracking still has not been proven to be safe. Pending environmental impact studies will not even be completed until September of 2012. Furthermore, according to the NY Times investigation, the potential profit and tax revenue from this practice have been grossly overstated. It is difficult to see any justification for moving forward with hydrofracking permits, given this current uncertainty.

Until all these questions are fully settled, it is imprudent to end the moratorium.

We need you to stand up to protect New York State – our communities and environment – from the potentially devastating harm of hydrofracking. Please, do what is right to ensure the integrity of our most precious natural resource – water.

I urge you to support a continuation of the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for the entirety of NY state, awaiting the results of future environmental impact studies and potential investigations of the fracking industry’s dubious claims.