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Welcome New York surfers, swimmers and beach-goers. Surfrider NYC’s Blue Water Task Force is your first line of defense against getting sick from bacteria at Rockaway beaches. See today’s Water Quality Rating and follow us on Instagram @surfridernycwater

Avoid Leaving The Beach Feeling Not So Good.

A water sample retrieved from 68th St. Beach
in Rockaway.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, NYC Parks Department tests city beaches weekly for waste bacteria and closes beaches when results are above a threshold. That means during the rest of the year we swim and surf without a clue as to water quality. The big variable is aging local waste treatment plants that go into “bypass mode” when it rains above 1/4 inch, dumping untreated waste into bays adjacent to both Rockaway and Long Beach.

To address this information gap, we have kicked off a year-round water testing campaign at Rockaway Beach, NY. We test for the same bacteria and will publish results on our website. If you surf, you check the weather and waves before you go. Now you can check water quality, too.

The data we collect over the long term will illustrate water quality issues to local elected officials and municipalities. They have the responsibility of keeping our waste processing facilities working in a way that protects our beaches, and preserves the economic engine our coastal recreation areas provide.

Results from a clean sample of water.

We Need You

We need you! We are always looking for people interested in learning about what is in our water. Want to test the water in Rockaway? – Let us know! Good at PR? – We are always looking for ideas to get our info our to people. Like websites? – working on revamping this page and could use help. Multilingual? – looking for some twice a week English to Spanish translation help for our posts. If you would like to contribute your time and positivity and become part of the water testing team, drop us a line at, fill out the form below to be added to our volunteer mailing list, or DM us at our IG @surfridernycwater. Thank you!


For more information please visit: Blue Water Task Force Chapter 38

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