Have a question about a campaign or event? Need help with a project? Please reach to one of our representatives:

Chair: Nikita Scott // chair@nyc.surfrider.org

Vice Chair: Patrick Diamond // vicechair@nyc.surfrider.org

Secretary: Carolyn Gibson // secretary@nyc.surfrider.org

Volunteer Coordinator: Open Role // volunteercoordinator@nyc.surfrider.org

Treasurer: Stacie Ballou // treasurer@nyc.surfrider.org

Executive At Large: Jason Camhi // atlarge@nyc.surfrider.org

Communications Coordinator:Conor MacCourtney // social@nyc.surfrider.org

Rise Above Plastics Campaign Lead: Patrick Diamond // plastics.rep@nyc.surfrider.org

Chair Emeritus: Nick Lynn // nick@nyc.surfrider.org

Ocean Friendly Garden Lead: Adriana Jovanovic // OFG@nyc.surfrider.org

Offshore Campaign Rep: James Leonzio // offshore.rep@nyc.surfrider.org

Youth Coordinator: Moe Magali // youth@nyc.surfrider.org

Williams Pipeline Campaign Lead: Noelle Picone // campaign.rep@nyc.surfrider.org

Blue Water Task Force Lead: Sommyr Nate Pochan // BWTF@nyc.surfrider.org

Website Coordinator: Ross Cauvel // website@nyc.surfrider.org

Surfrider Foundation New York
P.O. Box 1236
New York, NY 10002