Our Respect Rockaway/Respect Jamaica Bay initiative is going strong for the third year running!  In partnership with Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, our mission is to protect New York’s beaches, shorelines, and natural areas in the Rockaway area. 

This campaign proThis campaign promotes several themes in our messaging: including  being mindful of our impact on the community, staying safe when using our natural resources and protecting the local wildlife. Each message is paired with some tangible ways to take action and uphold these values. For example, we can be mindful of our impact by making sure we pick up after ourselves and use reusables instead of single use plastics. Staying safe encourages people to learn water safety practices to keep ourselves and others safe, whether in the water or the bay. The waters in the Rockaway are known to be strong and unpredictable which is why we advocate for water safety and the importance of learning how to protect ourselves, others and our community.

This year, the initiative was visible throughout the community with signage along the boardwalk, in local stores, the NYC Ferry fleet and other notable placements. We have also hosted several events and tabling opportunities to engage New Yorkers in our efforts. A special moment of the initiative was when we partnered with Rockaway Brewing Company on a beer called Wilder Side IPA which promoted Respect Rockaway/Respect Jamaica Bay providing a fun and compelling way to raise awareness and support for our work. Thank you to all our partners who have made these activations possible.  If you are wanting to get involved feel free to read more about this initiative here