NYC Chapter

Respect Rockaway

Respect Rockaway is a way for us to share knowledge from experts, scientists, and environmentalists, so all New Yorkers get to experience a clean and healthy Rockaway Beach and Jamaica Bay Wildlife area.

The main pillars of our message are to reduce trash left behind, educate about swim danger realities, and protect the home of an amazingly diverse wildlife ecosystem.

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Post Message: The beach is a special place where the land and sea meet. It creates a habitat for thousands of species and ecosystems. Together, we can keep it that way. #respectrockaway #surfridernyc
Post Message:Volunteers helped clean up around 5,000 lbs of trash off Rockaway beaches last year. Pitch in, pick up, join a beach cleanup. #respectrockaway #surfridernyc
Post Message: Piping plovers, horseshoe crabs, ospreys, owls, and even seals call Jamaica Bay home. Let’s all respect the original locals. #respectrockaway #surfridernyc
Post Message: Jamaica Bay is home to over 10,000 acres of parkland and spans across Brooklyn and Queens. #respectrockaway #surfridernyc
Post Message: Jamaica Bay is home to a wildlife refuge, a national park, and biodiverse plant and animal life. Over 332 bird species can be seen. #respectrockaway #surfridernyc

This initiative is a community partnership with Surfrider NYC, JBRPC, and Selman Design.