Great turnout despite the cold last night!


Too busy scoping out Lost Weekend’s rad quiver to write down our action alert link? Had one too many of Nick’s hot toddies to remember Governor Cuomo’s phone number? Didn’t have enough warm gear to warrant making it outdoors at all last night?

No worries. We’ve got you covered with a full rewind of last night’s chapter meeting…

    • Thanks to our awesome hosts at Lost Weekend! Stop by for coffee sometime (p.s. any coffee drink is just $2 if you bring your own mug!).
    • Our goal is to make this a resource for you to connect with the causes that matter to you. Stay tuned here for updated events, content about our campaigns, and general shenanigans.
    • It’s a work in progress, but just got updated and is getting better everyday. Your input matters. Email me with any input/feedback/ideas.
    • Polystyrene ban made official! A step in the right direction…
    • Sanitation Committee Chairman announced support! Great to have their support in public…
    • Coalition is working on a letter to Mayor urging action by Earth Day
    • How you can help…?

Marcus believes plastic pollution is less of a contained garbage “patch,” and more akin to “smog” – floating and spreading across our waterways.

Finally, we had special guests Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, the founders of 5 Gyres Institute, give a presentation on their research of our ocean’s plastic gyres, or as Marcus put it “the plastic smog” that is rapidly spreading throughout  our oceans. We all know how important this issue is. Marcus and Anna are shedding a brighter light on the subject with their research, and taking it a step further by proposing solutions to the plastics industry. Most recently, they kicked off a campaign to ban the use of microbeads — tiny plastic fragments present in lotions, soaps, toothpaste. Sign the petition to get plastic off your face, and out of our waterways today!

Thanks again to everyone who made it out. See you next time!