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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Liberty Natural Gas’s Port Ambrose is on a super-fast track allowing little time to get the word out to organizations and citizens.  The first round of Public Hearings on the Port Ambrose project have concluded. We told them (loudly) we do not want an LNG station in our backyard!

What is LNG and Why Do We Oppose It?

The Port Ambrose project is a proposed deep water Liquefied Natural Gas port for the import (and export, we believe) of natural gas to be built adjacent to NY and NJ coasts. The LNG project was originally proposed off the coast of New Jersey but was vetoed in 2011 by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The Governor used his veto power over the project because the facility would create “unacceptable risks to [New Jersey’s] residents, natural resources, economy, and security.”. Without any major change, the same facility has now been proposed in New York waters. The risks that Governor Christie sited remain the same, including the increased risk of contaminants entering our recreational waterways.

We exist to protect oceans, beaches, and waves and preserve their recreational vitality. We believe this project poses a direct threat to all of those factors in the form of pollution from its construction, the risk of spills / accidents once operational, increased tanker traffic, and national security (LNG tankers are ENORMOUS and LNG is highly flammable).

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Important Resources

Official Documents

Federal Registry statement  |  Federal Register Notice  |  Notice of Application

Background Information

Drinking Water Study

Article illustrating security risk of LNG ports

Shale Gas Production and Review

Port Ambrose – Liberty National Gas Fact Sheet (PDF)

Port Dolphin illustration (who comes up with these names??)

An interesting article about costs of LNG (from Australia, the world’s largest exporter of LNG)

A Wash Post Op piece from Republican Senator John Barrasso

Gov. Christie press release (of Aug 2012) regarding LNG & NJ

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Article about increase in earthquakes

An LNG Industry Report — and an excerpt from pg 71: …for each of the three export cases, the majority of the incremental LNG exports (79%-88%) is expected to be derived from increased domestic natural gas production. Another 21% to 27% stems from consumer demand response (i.e., price increases lead to a certain decrease in domestic gas demand). In addition, 7% to 8% of the remaining rebalancing supply is from changes to net imports (primarily Canadian gas imports and some reduction in exports to Mexico).”

Liquefied Natural Gas Makes Qatar an Energy Giant (The New York Times – August, 2015)

As a shout out, many of these links come from Clean Ocean Action, who are charging hard on this issue, to say the least.

Governor Cuomo’s office: 866-961-3208


Press From the LNG Public Hearing on July 9, 2013

Wall Street Journal – LNG – July 21, 2013

CBS News New York – July 9, 2013