We are Coastal Defenders

Our efforts to advocate for the health of our coastline are united with those of 84 Surfrider Foundation chapters across the country.  When we clean up Beach 67th St. or test the water quality at Beach 116th, we are doing our part to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting 100% of our coastlines.

We are Champions of the Surf and Sand

We don’t just play, we win.  Coastal erosion, plastic pollution, fossil fuel infrastructure – these are just some of the issues that threaten our ocean and beaches everyday.  As New Yorkers, we’re resilient and we’re scrappy … nobody is going to harm our beach without a fight.  That’s why our chapter has celebrated several major campaign victories over the last year.

We are Rockstar Volunteers

When we’re not out catching waves in Rockaway or enjoying the beach at Fort Tilden, we turn our passion into protection.  Our chapter is 100% volunteer run and our success is down to our network of 400+ dedicated members who take time out of their busy lives to protect what they love.

We are not just surfers

Despite what the name says, our membership does not only consist of surfers.  We are a community of everyday people who all share the mentality of “Long Live the Beach”.  You love the ocean … so do we!

We are Surfrider Foundation NYC

Well, what are you waiting for? Get involved! We host regular chapter meetings, beach clean ups, volunteer opportunities, social gatherings, and more.  Come along to one of our upcoming events and discover why you want to be part of Surfrider Foundation NYC.  Click here.

Reach out to us below.  We would love to hear from you!

Chair: Nikita Scott // chair@nyc.surfrider.org
Vice Chair: Adlin Hadad // vicechair@nyc.surfrider.org
Secretary: Carolyn Gibson // secretary@nyc.surfrider.org
Volunteer Coordinator: Conor MacCourtney // volunteercoordinator@nyc.surfrider.org
Treasurer: Stacie Ballou // treasurer@nyc.surfrider.org
Executive At Large: Jason Camhi // atlarge@nyc.surfrider.org
Communications Coordinator: Open Position // social@nyc.surfrider.org
Rise Above Plastics Campaign Lead: Patrick Diamond // plastics.rep@nyc.surfrider.org
Chair Emeritus: Nick Lynn // nick@nyc.surfrider.org
Ocean Friendly Garden Lead: Adriana Jovanovic // OFG@nyc.surfrider.org
Youth Coordinator: Moe Magali // youth@nyc.surfrider.org
Williams Pipeline Campaign Lead: Noelle Picone // campaign.rep@nyc.surfrider.org
Blue Water Task Force Lead: Sommyr Nate Pochan // BWTF@nyc.surfrider.org

Surfrider Foundation New York
P.O. Box 1236
New York, NY 10002