NYC Chapter

Better Bottle Bill

We are asking Governor Hochul and our NY State elected officials to (1) Expand the Bottle Bill to include wine, spirits, hard cider, and most non-carbonated beverages; (2) Increase the deposit from 5-cents to 10-cents; and (3) Use the additional revenues to boost enforcement and to expand redemption centers into “food deserts” that limit consumers’ ability to redeem their deposits.

Our three NY Chapters are working with a coalition of groups led by NYPIRG.

States with bottle deposit laws have a beverage container recycling rate of around 60%, while non-deposit states only reach about 24%. Michigan and Oregon have already increased their deposit to 10 cents, leading to an immediate increase in recycling redemption rates.  A mere inflation update would likely make a 5-cent deposit in 1982 nearly fifteen cents today.  It’s past time for New York to raise its deposit to a dime.

These are proven changes to reduce litter, increase recycling rates, and expand access to recycling infrastructure. Take two minutes and send a message to your elected officials asking them to update the Bottle Bill.