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Made Straws By Request Only in NYC

06 • 12 • 2021

Made Straws By Request Only in NYC

Passed legislation Intro 936-A through City Council, which made all bars and restaurants in the city only give out plastic straws if the customer requests one.

Plastic straws are one of the top items found in beach cleanups around the world.  Here in New York City, plastic straws are used once and then tossed into the trash or left to litter our beaches, streets, parks, and waterways. Once they get into the environment, they slowly break down into smaller and smaller plastic particles that end up entering the food chain, hurting animals and polluting our food. Whole straws can choke wildlife if they are mistakenly ingested.

The NYC Chapter is part of the ReusableNYC coalition, and was in contact with elected officials about this bill for about three years. Bill 936 was enacted into law on June 12, 2021 after Mayor DeBlasio declined to sign it.