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Skip the Stuff Bill City Council Hearing

Surfrider NYC Chapter was at the City Council hearing today for bill INT 0559, the Skip the Stuff bill. Surfrider has been leading on this bill for years and is excited to reduce plastic pollution in our communities, bodies, and the environment.

The Skip the Stuff Bill asks for restaurants, food delivery apps, and online delivery platforms to give out single use plastic utensils, napkins and condiments only when it is requested by the customer.

Plastic foodware like utensils are some of the most commonly littered items. Once in NYC’s waterways and natural areas, plastic litter can choke and harm wildlife. Plastic pollution is so extensive that it is now found in drinking water, soil, air, and even our bodies. 

This legislation is simple, saves restaurants money, and reduces plastic pollution.

To learn more about this campaign, view our page here.

NY1 also created a writeup about the Skip the Stuff bill which you can read here.